Educating Peter # 8

August 12, 2012

This instalment of Educating Peter has proven to be an incredibly difficult one to write.

Michael, my usual supplier of “Hey, the 80s weren’t that bad” songs, sent me a song by Big Country. He suggested “Look Away“, and I remember liking it a lot. And that reminded me of “In A Big Country“, a song that would probably be one of my favourite radio songs – not just of the 80s, but of all time. I think “In A Big Country” is a monumentally great song. I like “Look Away”, but it’s not “In A Big Country”.

Despite Michael suggesting “Look Away”, I’m going to exercise the power of self-indulgence (which I’d originally mistyped as “the power of elf-indulgence”) and make “In A Big Country” the featured song in this post.

But getting back to the aforementioned difficulty. The difficulty with this particular episode of Educating Peter is that I honestly can’t think of a bad thing to say about either “In A Big Country” or “Look Away”. Even the bombastic drum sounds – so typical of the 80s, and something that I usually loathe – suit the music.

But you didn’t come here to read a post where all you see is the word “great” repeated 50 times.

I’ll try to think of something to say.

Big Country – “In A Big Country (1983)


Nope. I can’t think of a thing. I’m listening to the song as I’m typing these words, and I’ve come to the realisation that these words are not worth typing. Excuse me while I stop typing and simply listen to the music. Very loudly.

Although the album version sounds a little to me like one of those dreaded “extended versions” that I moaned about a couple of weeks ago, I don’t care. It’s great. And so is the shorter, single version:

Big Country – “In A Big Country (single edit) (1983)


And now for the song Michael actually chose. I’ll play you the two versions of “Look Away” I found – the only difference I can hear is that the 7″ version has a drier drum sound.

Big Country – “Look Away (1986)


Big Country – “Look Away (7″ version) (1986)


I’m listening to “Look Away”, and I’m thinking “This is a mighty good song”. The only other thing I’m thinking of is that I prefer the sound of the 7″ version.

And that’s about it I’m afraid.

As for insightful, illuminating, or perceptive comments about Michael’s suggestion, all I can say is what police officers on television are fond of saying: “Nothing to see here, folks.”