Song of the day: Big Eyes – "Back From The Moon"

April 17, 2012

The lovely Talia Miller (Hi, Talia!) from punk PR* company PRawr occasionally sends me emails about various punk bands the company promotes. I tend not to play them to you because the bands I’ve heard are resolutely punk, which means they’re resolutely non-melodic.

However, one band Talia foisted upon me introduced me to is a three-piece from Seattle called Big Eyes (which I had unfortunately originally typed as “Bug Eyes” – sorry about that, band). They have an EP out called Back From The Moon. It’s here that I would like to make an official complaint: The so-called “EP” contains two tracks. Two. Not four, or five, but two. As far as I’m concerned, two tracks do not make an EP.

Anyway, the EP’s title track is the one I heard – and I liked it. Here ’tis:

Big Eyes – “Back From The Moon” (2012)

Incidentally, I nicked** the media player and photo from this page.

Also incidentally, I’d like to thank the band for naming themselves Big Eyes because it gives me an excuse to play you this:

Cheap Trick – “Big Eyes” (live) (1978)


Official website

(*The phrase “punk PR” sounds like an oxymoron to me.)

(**Is nickin’ things still considered a ‘punk’ thing to do?)