Song of the day: Billy Field – "Bad Habits"

January 29, 2011

For anyone outside of Australia reading this, you may find the facts surrounding this song hard to believe.

This song went to number four on the Australia charts in 1981. It was the title track of Billy’s album which, incomprehensibly, went to number one on the albums chart.

And here it is:

Billy Field – “Bad Habits” (1981)


I love that song, but I have no idea why it (and the album) went zooming up the charts – and stayed there – in 1981. I mean, this was the era of big synthesizers, even bigger hair, vocalists sounding like robots, grown men wearing Spandex in public etc etc.

I am extremely glad that the Australian music-buying public occasionally confounds expectations by putting a song like “Bad Habits” in the Top 10. (Please see this post for another example of the Australian music-buying public sending to the top of the charts a song you wouldn’t expect to go there.)