Song of the day: Bloc Party – "I Still Remember"

May 22, 2013

A few years ago there was a spate of bands that appeared on the music scene as a result of the inordinate success of this song by Franz Ferdinand. Unfortunately for me, all those bands – e.g., The Hives, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys et al – sounded dispiritingly alike. (My guess is that the major record companies said to themselves, “Hey, that Franz Ferdinand is ‘hot’ right now. Let’s sign as many bands as we can that sound just like them!”) The common factor with all these bands is that they possess fourqualities:

1. The band must sound like Franz Ferdinand;
2. The vocal melodies must be monotonous;
3. The guitars must play single-note riffs more often than chords; and
4. Those guitars must be Telecasters.

However, there is one Child Of Franz Ferdinand band out there that I do like: Bloc Party.

Which leads me to me wanting to play you one of their songs.

Bloc Party – “I Still Remember (2006)

When I played that to the 22-year-old of the household (Hi, Celeste!) and told her that I like it, she said “That’s because it’s power pop” – which was news to me, because I’d always thought of Bloc Party as one of those Franz Ferdinand clones. But the 22-year-old explained further: “They sound like all those other bands you play me.”

Well there you go.