Song of the day: Blue Swede – "Never My Love"

October 11, 2010

OK, this will be definitely be the last song plucked from the Super Hits Of The ’70s: Have A Nice Day series, but I was stunned when I heard it for the first time just the other day. This, for me, simply defies belief:

Blue Swede – “Never My Love (1974)


I’d never heard any cover version of “Never My Love” before, and didn’t even know that one existed (I’d always assumed that it would have been considered untouchable by other musicians), so whilst I was merrily listening to the Have A Nice Day series and the name of the artist and track popped up, I was intrigued: “Ah, Blue Swede – I haven’t heard them in ages. I wonder if their ‘Never My Love’ is a cover version of the song by The Association…”.

It was.

Now that I’ve heard it, I have to ask: what were they thinking? What I heard was the sound of a sublime sunshine pop song given the ‘ooga-chucka’ treatment by a band that, as far as I can tell, has absolutely no idea of the concept of subtlety. I’m happy to hear ooga-chucka nice’n’loud most of the time, but why that song? Couldn’t they have picked on something else? Something that could withstand the ‘ooga-chucka’ treatment?

For Blue Swede to stomp all over a gorgeous pieces of pop music is wrong, wrong, wrong*.

This is how “Never My Love” is supposed to sound:

The Association – “Never My Love (1967)


(*Well, that’s what I reckon anyway. You might think Blue Swede’s version is great. “Yeah! The stompier the better!”)