Educating Peter # 35

February 17, 2013

This week Michael suggested “Don’t Wanna Make You Cry” by Blue, an obscure but fabulous song from 1982. I don’t know anything about the song or the band, and I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m going to call it “fabulous” because I’m an optimist. (I really hope it’s fabulous.)

Update: Michael told me that Blue was a Scottish band.

Another Update: I pestered the Internet for a bit more information on this Scottish band called Blue, and found that “Don’t Wanna Make You Cry” has been posted on two other blogs:

So it’s not completely obscure.

Enough waffle. Here it is:

Blue – “Don’t Wanna Make You Cry” (1982)


0:00-0:01 – Opening chord = this.

0:01-0:15 – Opening line = this.

I’m enjoying the verse. It’s not groundbreaking, Earth-shattering, epoch-making, or anything like that, but I’m enjoying it a lot. I think it’s very pleasant indeed. It makes a nice change from the horrors Michael has sent me in the past.

Things I’m enjoying about the verse:

  • The harmony vocals. Very nice.
  • The bass line from 0:07-0:09. And I love the sound of that bass, too. It’s a nice, simple, solid bass sound. Yum.

0:15-0:23 – This is the bit before the chorus that’s different from the verse. I like how it came in sooner than I expected. (I expected it to come in after eight bars of the verse, but this verse lasted only seven bars. Tricky. And I like it.) And there’s that great bass line/sound again from 0:21-0:22. Love it.

And the song’s vocals are still reminding me of “Cathy’s Clown“.

0:23-0:27 – Oh. So the band didn’t go to a chorus. It went back to the verse. Or maybe the verse is the chorus. Hmm. I’ll have to keep listening.

0:27-0:46 – That previous verse/chorus/whatever-it-is thingy only lasted two bars, and now we have a completely different part of the song. Maybe this is the verse?

Well, whatever it is I’m not enjoying it as much as the song’s first 27 seconds. The bass player plays an A note up until 0:27, where he plays a low E note, and I think it was wrong for him to play that E. It’s not a wrong note, it’s just that I wanted him to keep on playing A throughout this part of the song. He plays a few other notes that follow what the guitars are playing, and there all in accordance with The Laws Of Music, but I wanted him to just keep playing A. Ah well.

Oh no: up until now the vocals had been mighty decent, but from 0:41-0:43 the lead singer went flat. But the backing vocalists came to the rescue immediately afterwards (0:43-0:45), the bass player played some great bass (0:44-0:45), and they both helped me forget what I just heard from the lead singer. Thanks, bass player and backing vocalists.

0:46-1:02 – Now we’re back to the “Cathy’s Clown” verse or chorus. This time it went for eight bars, and in that eighth bar was the sound of some very nice notes being played, letting you know you’re about to hear…

1:02-1:14 – …a splendid little solo. It’s not fancy at all. It basically plays that “Cathy’s Clown” vocal melody, and I thought it suited the song beautifully. Who needs to play lots of notes, and go doodly-diddley-weedly-wah-wah-noodly-bobble-diddle-blub-blub-blblblblblblblbl?

By the way, I must admit to being completely flummoxed about the sound of the instrument playing the solo. I don’t know if it’s a piano, or a guitar trying to sound like a piano. It’s got me stumped.

1:14-1:34 – After the guitar/piano/mystery instrument solo it’s back to the section that isn’t the “Cathy’s Clown” bit. (See 0:27-0:46, above.)

The bass player’s still playing the notes of the guitar chords. I really wish he just played A throughout this section of the song. Sigh.

1:34-2:08 – Ah, the classic pause-and-repeat before launching into the rest of the song. “Don’t wanna, don’t wanna make you cry…”

I’ve now come to the conclusion that the “Cathy’s Clown” part of the song is the chorus. (Note to self: It took you long enough.)

I liked the little accent the band played at 1:49. And I really liked the falsetto “Oo-oo-oo” floating above all the vocals, at 1:52-1:54, then 1:55-1:57, 1:59-2:01, and then 2:03-2:05. Lovely.


All in all, that was a song I enjoyed. Thanks, Michael!