Song of the day: Bôas Teitas – "Charco"

June 12, 2010

I’ve been bombarded with “Would you mind mentioning our band?” requests from a whole heap o’ artists in the past week – and I don’t quite know why. Despite being thoroughly puzzled (Why me?), I’m thoroughly amazed that anybody would be interested enough in this blog to let me know about their band and ask me to listen to their music, so I feel both honoured and privileged that I’m given the opportunity to hear bands and music I hadn’t heard before – or even knew existed. I therefore consider it my solemn duty to listen to those bands that took the trouble to pester me. And I think it’s only fair that I let you know about them, too. It’s the least I could do*. And because I can’t say no to any request, you’re going to be presented with all of them.

(Cue evil laugh: “Mwuhahaha!!!”)

Although none of these artists are Australian**, the upside of presenting you with a swag of international artists is that it makes me feel all cosmopolitan.

So, for a few days I’m going to have to put aside the Australian stuff and present you with what’s been presented to me. Otherwise, I’ll forget about them and probably end up with an avalanche of emails from a variety of musicians asking “Hey, did you forget about us?”, to which the answer will be “Yep”.

First band on the aforementioned pile is from Argentina. They’re called Bôas Teitas (I have no idea what that means – I hope it’s not rude), and the band pointed me in the direction of their song, “Charco” (I hope that’s not rude, either). I must say that, whatever the song is about, I liked it:

Incidentally, if you scoot on over to Bôas Teitas’s MySpace page, please play “Marea”. I liked that one, too.

Official website
Bôas Teitas on MySpace
Bôas Teitas on Facebook

(*I suppose the least I could is nothing, but that’s not very nice.)

(**Or is that “none of these artists is Australian”? I really need to buy a grammar guide.)