Song of the day: Bob Evans – "Go"

February 27, 2013

This here’s the new song by Australian singin’/songwritin’ guy Bob Evans:

Bob Evans – Go from Oh Yeah Wow on Vimeo.


I’d call that bright ‘n’ breezy.

If you have trouble with either of those videos for any reason (see comments below), try the song courtesy of SoundCloud:

Go by BobEvansMusic

Here’s another, not-as-new ditty from Mr. Bob:

Antibiotics by BobEvansMusic

I don’t mind both of those.

Song of the day: A musician – "Hand Me Downs"

June 16, 2011

Here’s a song with an introduction I’d call sensitive, folky, and slightly dreary, but once that’s out of the way it settles into something I’d call irresistible:

A musician – “Hand Me Downs” (2009)


Musical coincidences # 111

June 16, 2011

Today’s coincidence is a double-header, with two Australian songs unconsciously borrowing from one American song.

Last week there was a Song of the day by Australian musician Bryan Estepa. The song was “Tongue Tied”, and a bit of it reminded me of a part of Del Shannon’s “Runaway”.

Well, today’s Song of the day musician (see above) is also Australian, and a bit of one of his songs (not today’s) also reminds me of a part of “Runaway”.

Here are them coincidences:

Bryan Estepa – “Tongue Tied” (2011) (excerpt)


Del Shannon – “Runaway (1961) (excerpt 1)


Today’s Song of the day musician – “Pasha Bulker (Where Did I Go Wrong?)” (2009) (excerpt)


Del Shannon – “Runaway (1961) (excerpt 2)


And the full versions:

Bryan Estepa – “Tongue Tied” (2011)


Today’s Song of the day musician – “Pasha Bulker (Where Did I Go Wrong?)” (2009)


Del Shannon – “Runaway (1961)


What is it with Australian musicians and “Runaway”?

Oh, before I finish this post I want to mention the video for “Pasha Bulker”. It appears that he’s either a) trying to catch some fish for his girlfriend to win her back; or b) he’s given up the idea of winning back his girlfriend and has gone off to what might be the Australian maritime version of the French Foreign Legion…

And by the way (yes, I will get around to finishing this post), the Pashsa Bulker is an actual ship. It’s a bulk carrier, it’s enormous, and it ran aground off the coast off new South Wales in 2007. But my favourite factoid about the ship is the name of the company that owns it: Japanese Disponent Owners.