Song of the day: The Bottle Kids – "Yes You Can"

April 25, 2013

This post is easy peasy.

A chap by the name of Eric (Hi, Eric!) sent me a couple of songs by his band, The Bottle Kids, to see what I thought of them.

I like ’em.

The Bottle Kids – “Yes You Can” (2013)

The Bottle Kids – “Kissing You” (2013)


If you liked those, you can hear a couple more over at the band’s website.

One thing I really like about the songs is that they both have a dynamic range. Most songs nowadays are victims of the loudness war, in that all the sound is compressed so that there’s very little difference between loud and soft sounds, which results in a track that sounds LOUD ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

For example, Popmonster is an album by Greg Pope. I like the songs on it, but find the whole thing virtually unlistenable because of how it was produced. This is what the first track sounds like:

Greg Pope – “Sky Burn Down” (2008)

And this is what it looks like, dynamics-wise:

Greg Pope – “Sky Burn Down” (2008)

My head hurts when I listen to “Sky Burn Down”. And it doesn’t matter how much I turn down the volume. No matter how quiet it is, it always sounds too loud to me.

On the other hand, this is what The Bottle Kids’ “Yes You Can” looks like:

The Bottle Kids – “Yes You Can” (2013)


And courtesy of those dynamics, I find “Yes You Can” eminently listenable in a non-head-hurting way.

If you have no idea what I was on about in the previous paragraphs, here’s a two-minute video that explains the loudness war:

Official website
Kool Kat Musik
CD Baby