Musical coincidences # 144

November 12, 2011

Slight back-story to today’s coincidence:
I was recently looking for some information about an Australian power pop band called The Breakers who were active between 1979 and 1982 but couldn’t find nothin’. However, I found an American power pop band called The Breakers who apparently were active in the 80’s. (I found them on MySpace – along with squillions of other bands called “The Breakers”.) Seeing as I was on their page, I thought I might as well have a listen to their music (well, why not?). Unfortunately, their MySpace page didn’t have any songs on it. (Grrr.) That set me off on a hunt for this elusive music, and I ended up at CD Baby which is selling the band’s only album, Past And Way Past. CD Baby which rather handily had samples of each track. One of the songs on the album is “Temperatures Rising” (no apostrophe apparently, so I guess the song involves more than one temperature), and it starts off like this:

The Breakers – “Temperatures Rising” (2007) (excerpt)


That instantly reminded me of:

Thin Lizzy – “Rosalie” (1978) (excerpt)


The full versions:

The Breakers – “Temperatures Rising” (2007)


Thin Lizzy – “Rosalie / Cowgirl’s Song” (1978)


If you thought that coincidence was a bit weak (as in: “But there are plenty of songs like that!”), don’t worry – the next coincidence will be stronger.