Song of the day: The Breeders – "Divine Hammer"

December 6, 2009

Here’s ex-Pixie (and non-Australian) Kim Deal and her band The Breeders with “Divine Hammer” (1993):


Love those harmonies.

Or, if you’d prefer Kim as a flying nun:

Song of the day: The Wellingtons – "Song For Kim"

September 30, 2009

Right. After yesterday’s disco nonsense, it’s time to get back to the power pop.

Here are The Wellingtons (I know, I know: I’ve played them here plenty of times before – but they’re good) with “Song For Kim” (2008):


“Song For Kim” opens The Wellingtons’ third album, the I’ve-played-it-17-times-and-I’m-not-stopping-now Heading North For The Winter (2008).

The “Kim” in question is Kim Shattuck, lead singer of The Muffs. I’d thought it was Kim Deal from The Breeders (and, before that, the Pixies – yay!). I’ve always had a thing for Kim Deal (female + bass player = yum) ever since her days in the Pixies.

Anyway, as a bonus here’s Kim Deal as a Pixie and as a Breeder:

Pixies – “Gigantic” (1988)


The Breeders – “Safari” (1992)


And here’s “Song For Kim”‘s dedicatee, Kim Shattuck, with her band The Muffs and “Really Really Happy” (2004):