Musical coincidences # 165

December 28, 2011

This is the second time The Beatles‘ “I Feel Fine” has been mentioned in a Musical coincidence on this blog. The last time it was mentioned, it involved five songs.

Now we can make that six. And it’s thanks to the astute wife of commenter J. Loslo (Hi, unnamed partner of J. Loslo!) over at the PowerPop blog. On the blog, my non-Australian friend Steve (Hi, Steve!) had posted the backing track of “I Feel Fine” and related the dubious tale of Bernard Purdie who claimed to have played the drums on the song.

I don’t know why Bernard Purdie would make such a claim, because as far as I’m concerned he had no need to pretend to be Ringo Starr, as he’s been pretty much immortalised for his session work over the years with virtually everyone associated with funk and R&B.

I became a fan of Bernard when I saw him explain his “Purdie Shuffle” on the Classic Albums episode featuring Steely Dan’s Aja (still my favourite episode of that sterling series). In this clip, Bernard describes how fabulous he is (as someone once said: “If you can do it, it ain’t braggin'”). Also in this clip, Donald Fagen mentions the signs that Bernard displayed in the studio when he was hired for recording sessions. It made me laugh out loud:

Now, that’s confidence.

And I’m still a fan, despite Bernard’s assertions. What a drummer.

Now, back to today’s coincidence involving “I Feel Fine”. (Sorry about sidetracking you there.)

J. Loslo’s comment was this:

“For what it’s worth, I started playing the backing track & my wife commented that it reminded her of “Buckaroo,” the Buck Owens instrumental that came out the year after “I Feel Fine.” I knew The Beatles were influenced by Buck Owens, but maybe it went both ways.”

I don’t know the name of J. Loslo’s wife, so for the purposes of this post I’ll call her Clytemnestra.

Being a curious fellow, I hunted down “Buckaroo” and had a listen.

I think that Cytemnestra is completely correct about the resemblance:

The Beatles – “I Feel Fine (1964) (backing track)

(No link because I pinched it from Steve’s blog. Thanks, Steve!)

Buck Owens – “Buckaroo (1965)


The Beatles – “I Feel Fine (1964)


Thanks to Clytemnestra and J. Loslo* for letting people know about the Beatles/Buck coincidence.

(*When I see the name “J. Loslo”, I keep wanting to burst into song, sung to the tune of Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana”: “His name was Loslo, he came from Oslo…”)