Song of the day: Budokan – "You Don’t Stop Lovin’ The Band"

September 21, 2012

A pleasant young man by the name of Andrew (Hi, Andrew!) emailed me to tell me:

a) he’s in a band called Budokan who are from Victoria (in Canada, not Australia);
b) Budokan have made an album entitled Spin A Little Gold; and
c) he wanted me to listen to it.

First of all, I’d like to say to Andrew that I think it is extremely brave* of you to call your band Budokan. Speaking on behalf of all power pop fans, I would have thought that’s an association you might want to avoid if you didn’t want to be compared to one of the greatest power pop albums ever made.

Secondly, I listen to the album – and enjoyed it. Which makes this post much easier to write. (I’m not very good at promoting music that makes me go “Ewww”.)

I’ll play you what I think are the two most representative tracks, which happen to be tracks 1 and 2. Hopefully that doesn’t lead you to think I just listened to the first two tracks and thought “That’ll do”. I didn’t. I’m pleased to say that I listened to the album three times, and enjoyed it each time. It’s just that those first two tracks give you a very good idea of what you’ll listen to for 39 minutes and 18 seconds.

However, I feel obliged to tell you that in amongst all that enjoying there was one aspect of the album I wasn’t overly fond of: the vocals. They’re dodgy in a whole heap of places throughout the album. Now, I don’t want to go so far as to say “It’s not very good singing”, because their singing is better than mine (you really don’t want to hear me sing), but I’d say the vocals were my least favourite part of the album.

Apart from that, though, I was pretty fond of almost everything else. The songs are a mixture of rock, bubblegum, glam, and power pop.

But it’s much better for you to listen to the music than to read about it.

Here’s some Budokan comin’ your way:

Budokan – “The Queen’s English (2012)

Budokan – “You Don’t Stop Lovin’ the Band (2012)

By the way, something in one of the album’s songs made me think of something else.


Budokan – “From The Dealer (2012) (excerpt)


…reminded me of this:

The Kinks – “Victoria (1969) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

Budokan – “From The Dealer (2012)

The Kinks – “Victoria (1969)


Hopefully you’re still thinking of Budokan, and not The Kinks.

If not, may I direct you to Budokan, a Canadian band that made an album I like. Thank you.

Oh, and thanks to the helpfulness of Bandcamp here’s the album:

Northern Electric

(*Calling a band is “brave” is a relative statement. In terms of actual braveness, it’s not quite up there with pulling people out of burning buildings, or protecting campers by fighting bears with your bare hands etc.)