Song of the day: Caddy – "Beautiful Strange"

July 11, 2013


Caddy – “Beautiful Strange” (2013)

Tomas Dahl is the chap responsible for that. (His nom de plume is Caddy.)

When Tomas sent me an email with the link to the song, I played it. Then I played it again.

I played it four times in a row.

I like it.

Note to Tomas: An album please.

Wikipedia (Norwegian)

Song of the day: The Evil Eye – "Love-Fi"

June 10, 2012

Here is a completely solicited song. (None of that “unsolicited” nonsense you get from other blogs.)

It comes from Norwegian chappy Tomas Dahl (Hi, Tomas!) who last graced the pages of this here blog with Caddy, his one-man band from a couple of years ago. Well, Tomas has moved on from Caddy and is now in a band called The Evil Eye. They look like this:

Inconsequential observations:
I’m not entirely sure if the first person in that photo is waving to the camera
or is in the process of slapping the second person on the rear end.
And I’m also not entirely sure if that second person is male or female.

The Evil Eye are apparently polishing up their debut* album, Relapser, at the moment, so it’s not ready for public consumption just yet. In the meantime, however, Tomas sent me a track from it to let me (and you) know what The Evil Eye sound like.

This is what they sound like:

The Evil Eye – “Love-Fi” (2012)

I like that.

And here’s a reminder of Tomas’s previous work (although Tomas might say “Don’t listen to that! It’s old. I did that two years ago. I’ve moved on from then. I’m now in a band called The Evil Eye. Listen to that instead!”):

Caddy – Electric Hero (2010)

(*I had originally mistakingly typed “debt”. But I suppose, given the perilous state of the music industry, a lot of bands could quite accurately say they’ve made a “debt album”.)

Song of the day: Caddy – "Electric Hero"

August 7, 2010

Caddy is a band I had absolutely no idea existed until I received an email by an eager person saying “Have a listen to this album!” (which I did). I had a quick look at the contents of the email and saw a fair bit of text. Instead of reading all that text I just looked for a link to the album (which is called Electric Hero), zoomed on over to it, pressed “play” and hoped for the best.

Phew. Not horrible!

Here’s the title track:

Caddy – “Electric Hero” (2010)


Here’s another track from the album:

Caddy – “Turn Up The Radio” (2010)


As I was listening to the album I thought, “Hmm. The band’s pretty tight, and they all play well together. The songs are well-recorded, too. Now, how to describe the music? Maybe if somebody asks, I can say that it’s punk-pop. Sort of. That band really does play well together.”

I must admit that I was thoroughly amazed when I found out that Caddy is actually just one person: a chap from Norway by the name of Tomas Dahl.

I found this out by actually reading the rest of the email.

I’ll reprint the part where I found out that ‘Caddy’ is Tomas. If I had actually bothered to read all of the email when I received it, I would have saved myself the surprise of finding out that Caddy is one man:

Who is Caddy?

Caddy is the one-man powerpoptacular music sensation, Tomas Dahl. best known for his work in such bands as The Yum Yums, Wonderfools and Turbonegro, Tomas bombarded Toproom Studio like a Norwegian Dave Grohl affinite to lay down his “angular, gutsy, guitar-fueled melodies and full-bodied harmonies”, playing every instrument, singing every single note and even producing the album himself. Born from such endurance and master craftsmanship comes the fourteen song “catchy as chlamydia” son-of-Brian-Wilson baby, “Electric Hero”. The sounds of summer have never felt so soothing nor have they entangled themselves within your amygdala to keep you feeling warm all winter long. Turn off your television set. Put on your headphones. This is music for everyone!

Well, maybe not everyone. I don’t think there’d be too many Renaissance music aficionados who’d be racing off to have a listen to Caddy. Or followers of Lithuanian folk music, for that matter. And Chopin devotees may not warm to all those guitars. (Well, it is possible, I suppose, if unlikely.)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t especially keen on the phrase “catchy as chlamydia” in that blurb. I thought that if you were describing yourself as ‘catchy’ then you’d probably want to compare yourself to something that somebody would want to catch.

But enough of my (mild) concerns. Back to the song.

“Electric Hero” gives you a general vibe about the rest of the album. (I guess it would, considering it’s the title track.) Electric Hero is full of chugging eighth-notes and ultra-distorted guitars. Well, not the entire album, but a lot of it.

So, if you’re a fan of chugging eighth-notes and ultra-distorted guitars then there’s a rather large possibility that you’ll like Electric Hero. You can hear the whole thing over at Bandcamp – or, believe it or not, here. I’ve just discovered that I can put some code in this post so you can hear the album without leaving this blog at all.

Hang on…

Right. There we go. Hey, that was easy.


Ain’t technology grand?