Song of the day: The Call – "The Walls Came Down"

December 3, 2012

This popped into my head the other day for no particular reason (or maybe I saw it on Facebook – who knows?). As the song’s main riff chugged away in my brain I came to the realisation that I had to pester you with it.

I love that riff:

The Call – “The Walls Came Down” (1983)


What a great riff.

Incidentally, because I’ve been playing music by The Cars recently I just remembered that the main riff in “Let’s Go” is similar to the one in The Call’s song. The phrasing of the notes is a little in each song, but the “Let’s Go” riff does the same thing as the one in “The Walls Came Down”: Notes go up, notes go down. Notes go up, note go down…

Also incidentally, when I went looking for more information on the song I discovered that my American friend, the loquacious Steve Simels* (Hi, Steve!), had posted it on his PowerPop blog. (Steve actually posted it twice. First in October 2010 and then in November 2011. That’s alright by me. Steve can play that song as often as he likes.)

(*Every single time I type Steve’s last name – Simels – I want to type “Smiles” instead. Every time.)