Song of the day: The Candles – "Waiting For The Truth"

May 5, 2013

It’s a nice, relaxing Sunday, and I’m in mood to play you something nice ‘n’ relaxing.

This song is dedicated to my country-rock-lovin’ friend Stephen. (Hi, Stephenita!)

The Candles – “Waiting For The Truth” (2010)

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Song of the day: The Candles – "Between The Sounds"

October 6, 2010

Today’s song is dedicated to my brother, Anthony. (Hi, brother!)

Anthony is currently in a band called COW which plays Americana music. He’s an incredibly versatile kind of guy, and he’s been in a variety of bands – he was in a folk/pop/funk group called Fruit, an R&B outfit whose name I’ve completely forgotten (it was ages ago), and he was even in a rock band with me (we played Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, and – gasp! – Rush covers). Incidentally, in his time with Fruit he won awards for his playing (i.e., “Most Outstanding Guitarist”, “Most Outstanding Bass Player”), mainly because he’s good. Oh, and he produces, too. That brother of mine is one versatile dude.

Why I am mentioning all of this? Well, because Anthony the aforementioned dude in COW (the band he’s playing in, singing in, and producing – did I tell you that he’s versatile?) is, of all the people I know, the person who I think would most likely enjoy Between The Sounds (2010), an album by The Candles that I’m diggin’ a lot.

Here’s the title track:

The Candles – “Between The Sounds” (2010)


Throughout the album I can hear plenty of influences such as Jackson Browne, the Eagles, Neil Young, and Steely Dan. If you like any of those cats, then there’s a fair chance that you’ll like the album.

By the way, I had planned on playing you the songs by The Candles that reminded me of the artists in the above paragraph, but then thought that the band might get a bit annoyed with me playing you most of the album.

Instead, I’ll play you just one more track – the one that reminded me of Jackson Browne:

The Candles – “Let Me Down Easy” (2010)


Now, I’m no expert on Jackson Browne (I’ve probably only ever heard about four of his songs), but that sounds a bit Jackson-y to me.

I have to admit that I usually don’t go near Americana, as it’s a musical style that I’m not overly fond of, but I’ve been listening to Between The Sounds almost daily. Some critics have complained that it all sounds too familiar and comfortable – nothing new or challenging – but they could be exactly the reasons why I like it so much. To me, the album sounds like a pair of old slippers that you put on because they’re… well, because they’re familiar and comfortable.

Some days you want shiny new shoes, and some days you want comfy slippers.

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