Song of the day: The Candy Strypers – "Dance On"

March 22, 2012

I recently received what is possibly the most mysterious band-related email I’ve ever received. It came from one “Paul Hughes”, and the contents consisted entirely of this:

No blurb, no photos, no “we’re fantastic and you gotta hear us!”, no nothing. Just that link.

“Alright,” I thought to myself, “I’m game.”

So off I went, and was pleasantly non-disappointed…

The Candy Strypers¡contenidos caliente! (2012)

It turns out that Paul (Hi, Paul!) is from England (i.e., The Land of Engs) and is basically The Candy Strypers.

By the way, when looking for links to the band I found another band called The Candy Stypers. They’re from Texas, and describe their music as “Afro-beat / Chinese pop / Rap”. Well, why not?