Song of the day: Celadore – "Distance Is A Gun"

March 1, 2012

Here’s Australian band Celadore with the title track of their Distance Is A Gun EP:

Celadore – “Distance Is A Gun” (2010)

Apparently, the band like playing in forests. I have a (possibly impertinent) question for them: When you’re playing in forests, where does the electricity come from?

Whilst looking for links to the band, I came across an article in Beat Magazine that seemed to me to have an oddly worded introductory paragraph:

“It can be a long road to success in the music industry, but for Melbourne based indie-pop group, Celadore, a lack of drive won’t stop them. Nor will a lack of talent.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the article’s author is implying Celadore has no drive or talent.

By the way, here’s the band pestering a Beatles song:

Celadore official website
Celadore on Facebook
Celadore on MySpace
Celadore on Twitter

Song of the day: Celadore – "Bakery"

November 16, 2011

Here’s Australian band Cellar Door Celadore with their new four-track* EP, The Bright And Blue:

Celadore – “The Bright & Blue (2011)

Celadore official website
Celadore on MySpace
Celadore on Facebook
Celadore on Twitter
Celadore on iTunes
Celadore at Triple J Unearthed

(*Not to be confused with four-track.)

Song of the day: Celadore – "Kinks In Armour"

August 11, 2011

The ever-productive Scott Thurling, owner of Popboomerang Records, has produced another Popboomerang compilation. It’s called Making A Big Sound! #2, and young Mr. Thurling has rather generously made the entire thing a free download. (Yay!)

Here’s a track from it:

Celadore – “Kinks In Armour (2011)

OK. Now that you’ve heard the song, what are you waiting for?

Celadore official website
Celadore on MySpace
Celadore on Facebook
Popboomerang Records

Song of the day: Celadore – "Make Sure"

April 28, 2010

Celadore is an Australian band I’d never heard of before until Scott Thurling from Popboomerang Records contacted me and said “Hey, Peter, get a load of this band – you’ll like ’em!”. Scotty was right:

Celadore – “Make Sure” (2010)

“Make Sure” appears on Distance Is A Gun, a 5-track EP that’ll be released on 7 May (or May 7, for any Americans reading this).

For a while I thought that the band’s name was a pun (Celadore = “Cellar Door”*), but couldn’t find any puns in either their song titles or lyrics, so I guess “Celadore” means something else. Maybe the band members are fans of fantasy fiction, because it sounds to me like a fantasy name (e.g., “Hark! I come from the land of Celadore. I am Prince Thesboniere, and my kingdom has been decimated by the Dragons of Zwycornius” etc). Or maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Celadore on MySpace

(*I thought it may have been a sly reference to musicians and wine…)