Song of the day: Chalice – "Deeper And Deeper"

March 30, 2012

You know when you’re in the mood for some soft rock with lots of vocal harmonies? Well, that’s the mood I’m in at the moment:

Chalice – “Deeper And Deeper” (1974)


Incidentally – and serendipitously – the chap wearing the purple jacket in that video is Normie Rowe. Yes, the Normie Rowe I mentioned a few times recently.

I’d like to thank the Rare West Australian Music blog for having that MP3 (it’s the only place I could find it). Thanks, RWAM!

Song of the day: Chalice – "In My World"

January 13, 2010

Here’s the almost-completely-forgotten Perth band Chalice with “In My World” (1975):


I say “almost” because I’ve just discovered that Robin over at the purepop blog has a comprehensive post about this very song – and the Australian Power Pop 1975~1995 blog posted the song as well. Both of those have scads of information about the song and the band, putting this meagre post to shame.

I really must pay more attention to other people’s blogs before I go off and post songs that I think no-one else has heard…

(Thanks to Col for suggesting the song in the first place. I’d never heard of either the song or the band before.)

(And thanks also to Australian Power Pop 1975~1995 for unknowingly allowing me to pinch its image of Chalice.)