Song of the day: Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos – "Pray My Dear Daughter"

September 3, 2012

We’re going to stray ever so slightly off the power pop path today…

Charles Jenkins is an Australian power popper from way back (he’s been a-poppin’ since the 1980s). He is/was* the driving force in venerable Australian power pop band the Icecream Hands, and has made a few albums as “Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos“. (I don’t know if there are any Zhivagos in that band.)

The Man They Don’t Call Chuck, along with some (possibly fictitious) Zhivagos, is about to release a new** album under the Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos moniker. It’s called Love Your Crooked Neighbour With Your Crooked Heart, and I guess Charles is still fiddling about with it because it won’t be released until September 17 and hasn’t made any tracks available yet. Except one.

The one song that Charles has allowed to escape from the new album is what I’m playing you today. I must warn you that although Mr. Jenkins has a sterling power pop pedigree, the song is not what you’d call power pop. At all. It’s what you’d call country. And western.

So if you’re in a power pop fan in a country-and-western mood, may I point you in the direction of Yodellin’ Zeke Charles Jenkins’ latest ditty:

Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos – “Pray My Dear Daughter (2012)

Official website

(*I don’t know if Icecream Hands are still active or not. They haven’t released an album since 2007.)

(**As opposed to an old one.)

Musical coincidences # 101

March 21, 2011

I couldn’t get a hold of the MP3 of one of the songs on offer today, so I’m afraid that you’ll have to be content with the full versions of each. But for this coincidence that’s no big problem because there are no three-second sections to ponder or any hidden bass riffs etc – it’s simply a matter of listening to both tracks. You’ll hear the similarity in no time:

Charles Jenkins – “Across The Nullarbor” (2009)

Dragon – “Get That Jive” (1977):


Song of the day: Charles Jenkins And The Zhivagos – "Bring In The Archaeologists"

November 30, 2010

Here’s Charles Jenkins And The Zhivagos with a song from their new album, Walk This Ocean:

Charles Jenkins And The Zhivagos – “Bring In The Archaeologists” (2010)


I don’t know about you, but that album cover reminds me of another album cover…

Because I’m a huge fan of both 10cc and Deceptive Bends, I can’t resist playing you a song from it:

10cc – “Good Morning Judge” (1977)


10cc – Good Morning Judge
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It looks like today’s post has ended up being about “Good Morning Judge” instead of Charles’ song. Sorry about that.

Charles Jenkins And The Zhivagos official website
Charles Jenkins on Facebook
Charles Jenkins on MySpace

10cc on MySpace