Song of the day: Wise Girl – "Set In Stone"

April 24, 2013

Today’s songs appear here courtesy of the charming and elfin* Nicole (Hi, Nicole!) from music publicity company LaFamos.

Nicole pointed me in the direction of a band called Wise Girl, and their new self-titled (or should that be elf-titled**?) three-track EP.

I listened to the EP, plus another song I found on the YouTube, and because I had trouble deciding which was my preferred track of the three no the EP, I’ll not play favourites and simply present them all to you.

Incidentally, this post could easily have been called “The Post of Association”, because three of the four songs on offer here remind me of other songs. But I won’t call it “The Post of Association”, because that’s not terribly fair on Wise Girl and their quest for individuality. (Or, putting it another way: “We wanted you to promoted our music, not all these other bands!”)

But because I heard other songs in amongst the Wise Girl ones, and because I’m a can’t help myself, I’ll sneak in the little associations after each of the Wise Girl tracks.

Wise Girl – Wise Girl (EP) (2013)

1. “Set In Stone”

This was the one track that didn’t remind me of anything else.

2. “Wishful Thinking”

Because this one is in the time signature of 6/8, it instantly reminded me of Rooney‘s “If It Were Up To Me“:

Rooney – “If It Were Up To Me (2003) (excerpt)

But pretty much any rock song played in 6/8 that was recorded in the last decade instantly reminds me of the Rooney song, so Wise Girl isn’t alone there.

3. “Roles Are Reversed”

When the drumming started in this track, I immediately thought of:

Cheap Trick – “I Want You To Want Me (live) (1978)

That’s the EP.

And if you want to see Wise Girl as well as hear them, you can do so by watching this here video:

Wise Girl – “So Broken (2012)

I’m afraid to say that a part of this song reminded of something else.

The chorus…

Wise Girl – “So Broken (2012) (excerpt)

…reminded me of…

KC & The Sunshine Band – “Give It Up” (1983) (excerpt)

[full song]

But as for Wise Girl’s EP, I thought it was not too bad.

Thanks, Nicole!

Official website Facebook

(*Disclaimer: Nicole may not resemble an elf at all. I’ve never met Nicole in person or seen a photograph of her. We’ve only ever chatted electronically, but I imagine Nicole is a spritely*** young thing.)

(**No, it shouldn’t.)

(***Dreadful pun fully intended.)

Song of the day: Cheap Trick – "Auf Wiedersehen"

April 5, 2013

I haven’t played you any songs from my all-time favourite power pop album in aaages.

Here’s a track from Cheap Trick‘s Heaven Tonight:

Cheap Trick – “Auf Wiedersehen (1978)

Yep. Heaven Tonight is still my all-time favourite power pop album.

Musical coincidences # 345

December 10, 2012

This coincidence is quick ‘n’ easy but the post will be long-winded. Sorry about that.

I was over at the illustrious Powerpopaholic blog (Hi, Aaron!) which is now even more illustrious courtesy of a new review of my beloved Peelgreems‘ album, Big Adventure. (Thanks, Aaron!)

Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning Powerpopaholic is that Aaron also reviewed Men Of La Mancha, an EP by a band called The Mockers.

One of the songs, “Que Vida“, begins with this little melody:

The Mockers – “Que Vida (2012) (excerpt)


That instantly reminded me of:

Cheap Trick – “Don’t Be Cruel (1988) (excerpt)


As well as the original:

Elvis Presley – “Don’t Be Cruel (1956) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

The Mockers – “Que Vida (2012)

Cheap Trick – “Don’t Be Cruel (1988)


Elvis Presley – “Don’t Be Cruel (1956)


By the way, that little melody was also used by a band called Middle Brother, and that coincidence was featured in a previous Musical coincidence.

Déjà vu, baby.

Song of the day: The Yellow Dazies – "Free"

November 27, 2012

This post is a request from a musician named John (Hi, John!) who holds the distinction of being the very first musician to contact me via YouTube.

John sent me a message through the YouTubes (which was a surprise, because I didn’t know YouTube users could send messages to each other) letting me know about one of his songs. It’s called “Free”, and John released it under the moniker of The Yellow Dazies. He thought I might enjoy it. He was right. I enjoyed it.

One of the reasons I enjoyed it is that it reminded me of two power pop songs I like enormously. I’ll mention those other two songs after I play you John’s song.

The Yellow Dazies – “Free (2012)

OK, now for the (minor) coincidences:

1. The start of “Free” uses the same the chord progression as the chorus of Cheap Trick‘s “Surrender“. Because “Free” starts without any vocals (0:00-0:17), you can cheerfully sing the chorus of “Surrender” over the top of it before John starts his singing. It’s a heap o’ fun:

Cheap Trick – “Surrender (1978) (excerpt)


2. The last part of “Free”, from 3:40 onwards, reminds me of Rooney‘s “I’m A Terrible Person”. It’s not a huge coincidence, but it was “Free”‘s melodic guitar lines that made me think of the Rooney song:

Rooney – “I’m A Terrible Person (2003) (excerpt)


But back to John and The Yellow Dazies.

John also suggested I have a listen to “Girl On A Train”. I did. And that’s all I’ll say about that. (My mother’s advice is ringing in my ears.)

But I do like “Free”. (“Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away-ay-ay-ay…”)

Oh, and here are the full versions of those non-Yellow Dazies songs:

Cheap Trick – “Surrender (1978)


Rooney – “I’m A Terrible Person (2003)


Musical coincidences # 285

August 18, 2012

As I was listening to a compilation album by various artists entitled Agony Aunts & Friends 2011 Single Of The Month Club I heard something familiar in one of its songs:

A band I’d rather not mention by name here
A song I’d rather not mention by name as well
(2011) (excerpt)


[Excerpt deleted August 20, 2012.]

[Update: Excerpt reinstated November 13, 2012. See below for details.]

This is what it reminded me of:

Cheap Trick – “Dream Police (1979) (excerpt)



November 13, 2012:

I’ve adjusted elements of this post to hopefully counter the weirdness. And I’ve kept the information below detailing the original weirdness. It’s there for historical purposes. I’d like to point out that all this malarkey about modifying the post was to appease Blogger, who thought I was infringing on the band’s copyright. If you read below, you’ll see I did no such thing. I contacted the band in question, and they’re just as bemused as I am by Blogger’s attitude. The band has been incredibly supportive. Thanks, band!]


August 20, 2012:

This has to be the most bizarre Blogger copyright infringement notice I’ve ever received, and it has left me flabbergasted. (Warning: one moan coming up.)

The “No, you can’t post that” notice I received was for one of the tracks in this post. Usually, Blogger doesn’t tell you what you’ve infringed in the copyright department, but this time they let me know. The email I received said this:

Copyright work description

Now, I can surmise from that slightly vague description that it’s got to be the Preoccupied Pipers track from the Agony Aunts & Friends… album. (It’s a various-artists album.) So I’ve removed the full-length, copyright-offending MP3 of the Preoccupied Pipers track and replaced it with the one from Bandcamp (which is where I first found it).

However – and this is the bit that puzzles me no end – that Preoccupied Pipers track (as well as the entire album) is a free download on the Bandcamp page. Free. I don’t get it. I’m infringing on the copyright of something that’s given away free. And what makes this it’s-free-to-download-at-Bandcamp-but-not-here scenario even weirder is that, although the album is available as a free download, I paid $10 for it. (I’m a fan of the Agony Aunts and their musical brethren The Corner Laughers, and recently bought everything both bands have released. “Support your struggling artist” and all that.)

I’m bemused, befuddled, and bepuzzled.

Anyway, below is the hopefully non-bothersome version of the Preoccupied Pipers track, along with the Cheap Track one that apparently has no problem appearing here.


Here are the full versions:

Preoccupied Pipers – “Daddy’s A Love Farm (2011)

Cheap Trick – “Dream Police (1979)


Song of the day: Big Eyes – "Back From The Moon"

April 17, 2012

The lovely Talia Miller (Hi, Talia!) from punk PR* company PRawr occasionally sends me emails about various punk bands the company promotes. I tend not to play them to you because the bands I’ve heard are resolutely punk, which means they’re resolutely non-melodic.

However, one band Talia foisted upon me introduced me to is a three-piece from Seattle called Big Eyes (which I had unfortunately originally typed as “Bug Eyes” – sorry about that, band). They have an EP out called Back From The Moon. It’s here that I would like to make an official complaint: The so-called “EP” contains two tracks. Two. Not four, or five, but two. As far as I’m concerned, two tracks do not make an EP.

Anyway, the EP’s title track is the one I heard – and I liked it. Here ’tis:

Big Eyes – “Back From The Moon” (2012)

Incidentally, I nicked** the media player and photo from this page.

Also incidentally, I’d like to thank the band for naming themselves Big Eyes because it gives me an excuse to play you this:

Cheap Trick – “Big Eyes” (live) (1978)


Official website

(*The phrase “punk PR” sounds like an oxymoron to me.)

(**Is nickin’ things still considered a ‘punk’ thing to do?)

Musical coincidences # 201

March 19, 2012

This particular coincidence arrives here via a circuitous route. I heard it from my friend Steve (How do, Steve!), and Steve heard it from someone else.

First up, here’s Cheap Trick with the beginning of their song “World’s Greatest Lover”:

Cheap Trick – “World’s Greatest Lover” (1980) (excerpt)


I’d say that would have been a novel and unique way to start a rock song, but unfortunately for Cheap Trick, AC/DC did something suspiciously similar four years earlier at the start of one of their songs:

AC/DC – “Big Balls” (1976) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

Cheap Trick – “World’s Greatest Lover” (1980)


AC/DC – “Big Balls” (1976)


Musical coincidences # 197

March 15, 2012

I was over at the splendiferous Powerpopaholic blog a couple of days ago, where PPA (Hi, Big P!) reviewed a couple of new albums. One of them is El Diablo Sin Corazon by The Heartless Devils, and there was a song from the album to accompany the review. I pressed “play”, and the instant it started I thought “Oh-oh”…

The Heartless Devils – “Bad Luck Charm” (2012) (excerpt)


Cheap Trick – “Stiff Competition” (1978) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

The Heartless Devils – “Bad Luck Charm” (2012)

Cheap Trick – “Stiff Competition” (1978)


Thanks, PPA, for letting me know about the song – and inadvertently creating this coincidence.

Song of the day: Neon – "He’s A Whore"

October 31, 2011

I’m a fan of American power-pop band Cheap Trick, and I’m a fan of Australian power-pop band Neon, so when Neon covers a Cheap Trick song I come to the conclusion that this is A Very Good Thing:

Neon – “He’s A Whore (2005)


And the original:

Cheap Trick – “He’s A Whore (1977)


Neon on MySpace
Cheap Trick official website
Cheap Trick on MySpace

Song of the day: Bee Gees – "I Want You To Want Me"

October 17, 2011

I found this early song by the Bee Gees on the Interwebs the other day and instantly fell for its charms.

(It’s prompted me to see if the lads recorded anything* before their official Australian debut album in 1965 and their official international debut album in 1967. If any of their very early stuff is even half as charming as today’s track, I’ll be hooked.)

And the song’s title has given me the perfect excuse to play you one of my favourite Cheap Trick songs.

Bee Gees – “I Want You To Want Me” (1964)


And equally wonderful, but in a completely different way:

Cheap Trick – “I Want You To Want Me (1978) (live)

In Japan:

In England:

Or, if you prefer the limp-as-soggy-lettuce studio version:

Cheap Trick – “I Want You To Want Me (1977) (studio)


(*Yay! There’s a 2-CD set called Brilliant From Birth which collects all their earliest recordings. Time to whip out the electronic chequebook…)