Song of the day: Cheech And Chong – "Earache My Eye"

August 26, 2010

I have no idea why, but a couple of days ago Cheech & Chong’s resplendent “Earache My Eye” popped into my head. I hadn’t heard it in years, and Australian radio hadn’t played since 1974, but it just appeared, unprompted, in my brain. I’m constantly amazed at the mysteries of the human mind.

As soon as “Earache My Eye” was lodged in my noggin I thought: “Now, that’s gotta go on the blog.”

Cheech & Chong – “Earache My Eye (1974)


In case you’re wondering, the music – and the wonderfully demented guitar playing – was provided by Gaye Delorme, a virtuoso guitarist who can apparently play anything (well, that’s what Wikipedia says). I must admit that I’d always thought it was Waddy Wachtel who played on the track (I thought I’d read that somewhere, but it’s easy to get things wrong when you have a memory as faulty as mine). I’ve been doing Gaye a disservice all these years. Sorry, Gaye.

Cheech & Chong official website