Song of the day: Cheetah – "Walking In The Rain"

July 30, 2013

The 1970s music phase I’m in at the moment continues unabated, but today’s song won’t just be retro, it’ll be retro-retro.

Here’s a song from the ’70s that is a cover of a song from the decade before that:

Cheetah – “Walking In The Rain (1978)

And here’s the original:

The Ronettes – “Walking In The Rain (1964)

Song of the day: Cheetah – "Spend The Night"

July 17, 2009

Ah, Countdown:

Cheetah were a female duo (sisters Chrissie and Lindsay Hammond) who would now be classified as “rock chicks,” but back then were “the two girls on Countdown.”

The main reason for “Spend The Night” (1980) being here is the bit at the end of each chorus (first appearing at the 48-second mark): it’s a descending riff on the guitar, and it’s glorious.

Incidentally, the song was written and produced by the amazingly productive duo, Harry Vanda and George Young. Not only that, the pair wrote and produced the entire album that the song appeared on, 1981’s Rock and Rock Women, the only album Cheetah released.

Here’s the original (non-Countdown) film clip:

And here are Chrissie and Lyndsay performing the song a couple of years ago at the 2007 Countdown Spectacular: