Song of the day: Chris Richards and the Subtractions – "You Like Me Too Much"

December 27, 2009

I received an email a little while ago pointing me in the direction of a new album, That Covers That…, by US band Chris Richards and the Subtractions that’s available to download for free. I duly visited the web page, pressed “play” and then turned my attention to other things, enjoying the music in the background, only half-listening to it. During the first song my ears picked up something in the lyrics and I thought to myself “Hang on a minute – they just sang ‘Cos you like me too much, and I like you’. That’s a line from a Beatles song. What a ripoff!” I then had a quick look at the song title on the web page and saw that it was called “You Like Me Too Much.” My instant reaction was: “Hey, that’s the name of The Beatles song they pinched the line from! And they’ve got the cheek give their song the same name! What an even bigger ripoff!”

Er, what I hadn’t realised until I saw all the song titles on that page is that the album is comprised entirely of covers – including, um, The Beatles’ “You Like Me Too Much.” (I also hadn’t noticed the blindingly obvious clue in the album’s title – i.e., That Covers That….)

[Insert emoticon of man slapping forehead.]

Right. Now that he have that nonsense out of the way (note to self: pay more attention next time, Peter), here now for your listening pleasure is a Big Star-esque version of a Beatles tune (yes, I know that now, thank you):

Chris Richards and the Subtractions – “You Like Me Too Much” (2009)


My deep abiding adoration of The Beatles as the best band in the history of absolutely everything forbids me to prefer the Chris Richards and the Subtractions version, but I do like it.

Here’s the original:

The Beatles – “You Like Me Too Much” (1965)


Incidentally, if you pop on over to that web page to download the album – and Chris Richards and the Subtractions sincerely hope you do – I must warn you that it contains five tracks lasting a total of 13:26 which, as far as I’m concerned, makes it an EP. (If the page offering the download insists on calling it an album, then I think it probably qualifies as the shortest album ever released.)

Chris Richards and the Subtractions on MySpace