Musical coincidences # 78

February 12, 2011

Eagle-eared reader David of Williamstown spotted this one.*

Here’s the start of the verse in Christopher Cross‘s “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)” from 1981:


And here’s the start of the chorus in Air Supply‘s “Even The Nights Are Better” (1982):


David wasn’t sure about who coincided with whom, because both songs were recorded in 1981 (the Air Supply track was released mid-1982). But while they were both recorded in 1981, I’m inclined to think that the Air Supply track was recorded very late in 1981 (otherwise why record it early in 1981 when you’re popular and then release it almost a year later when there’s a fair chance you won’t be that popular anymore?). Christopher’s song, on the other hand, was first heard in the film Arthur when that was released on July 17, 1981. As a result, I reckon Air Supply borrowed from coincided with Christopher Cross, not the other way round.

And this isn’t the first time Air Supply has coincided with borrowed from other artists. A previous Musical coincidence had Air Supply apparently delving into the ABBA songbook for some inspiration.

Anyway, here are the full versions from today’s shenanigans:

Christopher Cross – “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) (1981)


Air Supply – “Even The Nights Are Better (1982)


(*Thanks, David!)