Musical coincidences # 348

December 15, 2012

My friend Scott (Hi, Scotty!) pestered Facebook with a song by Australian band The City Lights. The song’s called “What You Gonna Do?”, and now that I’ve heard it I can answer that question:

“What am I gonna do? I’m gonna let people know about a coincidence I found in it. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

In the song is a middle section that contains a chord progression that I found instantly recognisable.

If you have a guitar handy, these are the chords:

(play for half a bar)
(half a bar)
(a full bar)
(half a bar)
(half a bar)
(a full bar)

Here it is in The City Lights song:

The City Lights – “What You Gonna Do?” (2004) (excerpt)


I’ve only ever heard that chord progression in one other rock song. It’s not just those chords, because they’re fairly common, but those exact chords in that order, played for specific lengths.

That chord progression can also be found here:

The Who – “See Me Feel Me / Listening To You (1969) (excerpt)


Oh yeah.

Here are the full versions:

The City Lights – “What You Gonna Do?” (2004)
[The chord progression in question starts at 1:31]

The Who – “See Me Feel Me / Listening To You (1969)


Song of the day: The City Lights – "Every Single Day"

January 14, 2011

I first heard this song in an episode of an Australian teen surfing TV drama. In a scene where the teens were showing how good they were as surfers, this track was playing in the background. As I listened to it, I thought “Hey, that’s not bad. I can put that on the blog.” And here it is:

The City Lights – “Every Single Day” (2004)


Please don’t ask me anything about the band, ‘cos I don’t know nothin’ ’bout those City Lights. (Correction: I know they’re Australian. But that’s it.)

By the way, I found that surfing scene on YouTube. Although the youngsters all spoke English in the series, the YouTube clip has them all speaking Italian. The song starts at 5:56 in the clip: