Song of the day: Classified Frequency – "Have A Nice Day"

April 18, 2013

I received an email from a friendly chap by the name of Matthew Berry (Hi, Matthew!) who is lead singer/guitarist/songwriter of an American band called Classified Frequency.

Matthew told me about the band’s latest song, “Have A Nice Day”.

I must warn you that “Have A Nice Day” is one of those sarcastic – or “ironic” – songs, where things are the opposite of what they seem. (Matthew’s not terribly pleased with his romantic companion.)

Sneering lyrics aside, I didn’t mind the song at all.

Classified Frequency – “Have A Nice Day (2013)

As I listened to “Have A Nice Day”, I noticed a few things.

Things Peter Noticed

  • “Have A Nice Day” reminded me of power pop songs from the 1980s, specifically Eddie Money’s “Think I’m In Love” and Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl”. That’s fine by me.
  • There’s a bit o’ swearing at 1:52. Matthew sings about the object of his scorn doing something naughty in his bed. And it isn’t trucking.
  • From 2:33-2:38 Matthew sings “I loved you more than space and time and Cabernet”. I like that.

But the biggest thing I noticed can’t be contained in a list. (Yep. It’s that big.)

I noticed that the song’s main melody sounded like something else that was very familiar to me…

Classified Frequency – “Have A Nice Day (2013) (excerpt)

Nena – “99 Luftballons (1983) (excerpt)

And here’s all of “99 Luftballons” in case you want to compare the two songs in full:

Nena – “99 Luftballons

And speaking of coincidences…

Eagle-eared reader Fitzall (Hi, OneSize!) noticed this:

Classified Frequency – “Have A Nice Day (2013) (excerpt)

Whitney Houston – “The Greatest Love Of All (1986) (excerpt)

Thanks, Fitzy!

Here’s all of Whitney’s ditty:

Whitney Houston – “The Greatest Love Of All (1986)

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