Song of the day: Cold Chisel – "Home And Broken Hearted"

October 5, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I’m in a pub rock mood – and when I think of pub rock I tend to think of Cold Chisel (or as their fans shouted out at gigs: “Chis-uhl! Chis-uhl! Chis-uhl! Chis-uhl!” etc.):

Cold Chisel – “Home And Broken Hearted (live) (1978)


Here’s the original:

Cold Chisel – “Home And Broken Hearted (1978)


Song of the day: Cold Chisel – "Shipping Steel"

March 11, 2012

I have no idea why, but the other day I woke up with this firmly stuck in my head:

Cold Chisel – “Shipping Steel” (1979)



Cold Chisel – “Shipping Steel” (live) (1981)




Song of the day: Cold Chisel – "You Got Nothing I Want"

October 16, 2011

Here’s Australian band Cold Chisel‘s emphatic message to their American record company Elektra:

Cold Chisel – “You Got Nothing I Want (1981)


For me, nobody but nobody could shout his way through a rock song better than Jimmy Barnes. (And nobody could mime a guitar solo in a video worse than Ian Moss.)

Incidentally, in the interests of musicological comprehensiveness I must notify you of the existence of two cover versions of the song, both of them recorded by Australian troubadour Alex Lloyd. I’d rather not talk about them if you don’t mind. (One of them is a pointlessly country-ish version, and other is the reason I used the word “troubadour” to describe Mr. Lloyd, because I think the last four letters of that particular word sums up how I feel about it.)

Alex Lloyd – “You Got Nothing I Want (2000) (troubadour version)


Alex Lloyd – “You Got Nothing I Want (2007) (mystifyingly country version)


Song of the day: Cold Chisel – "Houndog"

September 25, 2011

Here’s a song by Cold Chisel that I’d consider to be a spiritual cousin / musical first cousin to The Beatles‘ “Hey Bulldog“:

Cold Chisel – “Houndog” (1982)


And if you want to compare riffs…

The Beatles – “Hey Bulldog (1969)


I didn’t want to make today’s escapade involving those two songs a Musical coincidence because “Houndog” would have ended up not being Song of the day – and I reckon with that driving riff, “Houndog” is definitely Song of the day material.

Song of the day: Cold Chisel – "Wild Thing"

July 22, 2011

Here’s Australia’s best pub rock band – evah! – with but a small example of why they were Australia’s best pub rock band:

Cold Chisel – “Wild Thing (live) (1978)

From Cold Chisel’s final concert appearance (1983)

And here’s the original:

The Wild Ones – “Wild Thing (1965)

Song of the day: Cold Chisel – "Ita"

January 5, 2011

Here are* Cold Chisel with their ode to Australian magazine editor/broadcaster/businesswoman/fashion icon Ita Buttrose:

Cold Chisel – “Ita” (1980)


“Ita” appears on East (1980), which by my calculations – and if I ignore everything released by Midnight Oil – may be my all-time favourite Australian rock album.

Cold Chisel official website

(*I still don’t know the correct grammar when mentioning bands. Do I say “are” or “is” when introducing them? Cold Chisel is a band, but it’s made up of four musicians, and that to me makes it one of those collective noun thingies. Like “here are geese”. But on the other hand, a band is seen as a single entitiy, like water. Water can be divided and separated (like a band) so that you have, for example, four glasses of water. But I’ll say “here is water – in four glasses”. So do I say here is Cold Chisel, or here are Cold Chisel? And am I now wasting my time as well as yours?)

Musical coincidences # 40

February 2, 2010

Today’s coincidence is a purely guitar-oriented one, so if you have no interest in guitars or guitarists, come back in about 20 minutes when everyone else has finished reading this post.

Here’s a bit of the start of Adelaide band Cold Chisel‘s live version of “Conversations” (1979):


And here’s a bit of the start of non-Adelaide band Van Halen‘s “Girl Gone Bad” (1984):


If you can’t spot the similarities, it’s basically the guitar playing an Asus2 chord…

…followed by an Fmaj7#11…

If you want to put it into non-weirdo-chord-name terms, it’s like playing A minor then F major except that the first two strings (the skinny ones on the right of the pictures) are open (i.e., you play them without putting your fingers on them) for both chords.

Despite the differences in backing instrumentation, the guitars in both those songs are doing pretty much the same thing.

It’s noticeable to me because I’ve only ever heard that particular chord progression happen in those two songs. There may be plenty of other songs that do it, but I haven’t heard ’em.

Here are the full versions:

Cold Chisel – “Conversations” (1979)


Van Halen – “Girl Gone Bad” (1984)


I couldn’t let today’s coincidence involving Van Halen go by without playing you my favourite song on 1984, “House Of Pain.” It’s the last track on the album (“Girl Gone Bad” is the second-to-last), and Eddie Van Halen throws everything at the song. There’s so much going on, guitar-wise, that it seems as if Eddie wanted to catalogue his entire repertoire of tricks in three minutes. Along with all the incidental noodling during the song, there’s a jaw-dropping guitar solo in the middle of it and some magnificent dive-bombing as the song fades. It’s great stuff for guitar fans:

Van Halen – “House Of Pain” (1984)