Musical coincidences # 395

May 23, 2013

Thanks to a recommendation by Powerpopaholic (Hi, Aaron!), I’ve been listening to Corin Ashley‘s album, New Lion Terraces, and semi-enjoying it.

One of the songs on the album has a melodic snippet that sounded very familiar…

Corin Ashley – “Eyeshine” (2013) (excerpt)

The Beatles – “I Will (1968) (excerpt)

Here are the full versions:

Corin Ashley – “Eyeshine” (2013)

The Beatles – “I Will (1968)

Song of the day: Corin Ashley – "Geez Louise"

May 23, 2013

Corin Ashley is an American chap who has released an album called Corin Ashley‘s album, New Lion Terraces. I found out about it courtesy of Powerpopaholic’s rave review.

This is track 1:

Corin Ashley – “Geez Louise (2013)

I’d like to say that I enjoyed tracks 2 to 10 as much as “Geez Louise”, but I’d be fibbing a wee bit if I did.

But I do like “Geez Louise”.

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