Song of the day: The Crocodiles – "Any Day Of The Week"

October 13, 2009

Here’s New Zealand band The Crocodiles with “Any Day Of The Week” (1980):


The Crocodiles’ lead singer was Jenny Morris who went on to fame (but probably not fortune, given the Australian recording industry) as a solo artist in Australia. But you knew that already.

Song of the day: QED – "Everywhere I Go"

October 12, 2009

Here’s QED with “Everywhere I Go” (1983):


QED was notable for launching the Australian career of Kiwi singer Jenny Morris. She’d been in the highly-regarded New Zealand band The Crocodiles (which reminds me to play you one of their songs tomorrow) before moving to Australia and forming QED. The band was comprised of three core members – Jenny on vocals, a dude on guitar, and another dude on bass – plus a variety of musicians roped in for recording and/or touring. QED crumbled after only one album (Animal Magic) but Jenny went on to a spectacular solo career.

And some more trivia: The drummer hired for Animal Magic was Ricky Fataar who you may (or may not) know played the role of Stig O’Hara. “Who’s Stig O’Hara?” I hear you ask. Well, Stig was none other than the lead guitarist of The Rutles. Yes, The Rutles. The Pre-Fab Four themselves. (And I loved the fact that, because Stig didn’t say anything at all throughout The Rutles’ documentary, All You Need Is Cash, he was known as “the quiet one.”)

As a bonus, here’s an early version of “Everywhere I Go” by The Crocodiles:

The Crocodiles – “Everywhere I Go” (1980)