Song of the day: Custard – "Apartment"

July 5, 2009

Here’s Custard with “Apartment” (1995):

“Apartment” was written by one David McCormack, a musician who appears to create a new band every time his previous one doesn’t become successful. This man is nothing if not enterprising.

I tried to think of a bonus track, but “Apartment” is the only Custard song I like. (Sorry about that, Dave.)

Nevertheless, I don’t mind “Girls Like That (Don’t Go For Guys Like Us)” (1998). At least it has a catchy chorus:

I love this bit of text in the YouTube info for “Girls Like That”:

“Not to be confused with the German power metal band Custard.”

What on earth would possess a heavy metal musician to call their power metal band Custard? It’s a power metal band. Custard???