Song of the day: Danny Diaz and The Checkmates – "It’s So Easy"

November 18, 2009

Here’s Danny Diaz and The Checkmates with their version of The Easybeats‘ “It’s So Easy” (1966):


Danny Diaz and The Checkmates were a band from Hong Kong that was formed by three brothers from The Philippines and their brother-in-law. Their first hit was “It’s So Easy,” a song written and performed by English, Scottish, and Dutch migrants living in Australia.

Now, that’s what I call cosmopolitan.

The thing I love about the cover version is how Danny and co. bring out all the Mersey Beat-ness that wasn’t readily apparent in the original. It makes for a wonderful little piece of sub-Beatles grooviness. Here’s the original:

The Easybeats – “It’s So Easy” (1965)