Musical coincidences # 81

February 16, 2011

I was merrily listening to The Sherbet Collection, and one of those collected songs was credited to Sherbet‘s lead singer Daryl Braithwaite (there are two Daryl Braithwaite songs on The Sherbet Collection, but they sound just like Sherbet songs to me). When this Daryl Braithwaite song began, I exclaimed in no uncertain terms: “Wait a minute – I know that guitar part from another song!”

Here’s how “Cavalry” begins:

Daryl Braithwaite – “Cavalry” (1975) (excerpt)


I’m sure you recognise that guitar part, too. From a year earlier:

Elton John – “The Bitch Is Back” (1974) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

Daryl Braithwaite – “Cavalry” (1975)


Elton John – “The Bitch Is Back” (1974)


Daryl Braithwaite official website

Elton John official website