Frank’s Faves on Fridays

October 1, 2010

Marc Anthony – “I Need To Know (1999)

[Video – embedding disabled]
Tango! With a MIDI violin! This is not my bag at all, I’m afraid. Isn’t Marc Anthony one of those artists-who-exist-only-because-Ricky-Martin-was-popular-and-a-record-company-needed-a-Latino-artist-on-their-label-as-well? Well, whether he was or not, I’d actually rather hear Michael Bublé do this kind of thing (i.e., diluted Latin American-esque rhythms performed by a supposedly-swarthy male). When “I Need To Know” got going, it reminded me of “Let’s Get Loud”. (Wasn’t that by Ricky Martin?) Unfortunately for me, all those songs are one big blur of Latino-lite. (When record companies latch on to a “flavour of the month”, they really go to town with it and saturate the market with soundalikes and lookalikes and goodness-knows-whatever-else-alikes.) There’s not much more I can add about “I Need To Know”, but I will say that after the third listen I liked it a bit more than I did the first time. But not a lot.

Suzanne Vega – “Caramel” (1996)

There was a specific moment when I fell in love with Suzanne Vega. That moment was when I watched her 2004 Montreux concert. Up until then, I’d liked her music very much (especially her first two albums), thought “Luka” was one of the best songs of the 80’s, and ended up forgetting about her for a decade or so. Then I watched Suzanne’s 2004 Montreux concert on TV last year and fell in love. For the entire concert I was completely under her spell. I’m now of the opinion that Suzanne Vega can do no wrong. By the way, “Caramel” was one of the songs performed during the concert I watched. And you can see it here:

Ah, the Internet.

Robert Lamm – “Somewhere Girl” (2003)


Excellent. It sounds like the soundtrack music to a movie I’ve never seen. Was this written for a movie? ‘Cos it sure sounds like it. Hang on… Nope, Wikipedia says that it was an instrumental released in 1971. No mention of a movie. Wikipedia also says that Dennis Coffey is a studio guitarist (he’s a member of the Funk Brothers). He played on Edwin Starr‘s “S.O.S. (Stop Her on Sight)“, which I remember was a song you suggested a while back. Dennis also played on Freda Payne‘s “Band Of Gold“, a song I adore. But back to “Scorpio”. That is one funky drummer playing on the track. And that’s some mighty funky bass playing, too. And that’s great bongo* playing. This gets my pick for “Frank’s Track Of The Week”.

Incidentally, I found a Dennis Coffey album cover from 1972:


(*This may not be terribly important in the scheme of things, but I just found out that it wasn’t bongos on the “Scorpio” track, it was a cuíca.)