Song of the day: Deserters – "Hitchhiker"

September 2, 2012

Finally, we’re back to Australian songs.

I’ll try to make up for the recent non-Australian-ness ’round these parts by making this post a double-header (i.e., two songs for the price of one).

Deserters are a band who are one of those hybrid beasts whereby they’re called either power pop or Americana, depending on who you talk to. (If you talk to me, I’d be saying “They’re Americana”.)

They’re about to release their second album, Quay Of Sea*, and the first “single” from it will be a “double-A side”. (Sorry about the inverted commas, but I’m using terms that are outdated. As young people might say nowadays: “Single? Double-A side? Huh?”)

And here are the two songs that make up the, er, two songs:

Deserters – “Hitchhiker (2012)

Deserters – “Vacant Sea (2012)

[Beware: The video is exceedingly boring. Except for 2:16, where something different happens. But even that’s not interesting. You do get to see the band from 4:12 until the end, but they’re scruffy and don’t look as though they made any kind of effort to smarten themselves up for the video.]

Preorder Quay Of Sea (plus bonus debut album) at Bandcamp
Official website
Show Off Services

(*It took me ages to get the pun of that title.)

Song of the day: Deserters – "Lemon Kicks"

November 5, 2011

The wonderfully wonderful Scott Thurling of Popboomerang Records (Hi, Scott!) has let me know about a new band on his books*.

The band is Deserters (no “The” apparently), and they’re a low-key, slightly country-ish rock band. You can hear for yourself just how country-ish they may or may not be:

DesertersLemon Kicks / Stars Burn (EP) (2011)

Buy Lemon Kicks / Stars Burn EP at Bandcamp
Deserters official website
Deserters on MySpace
Deserters on Facebook
Deserters on Show Off Services

(*Do people who run independent record companies have ‘books’?)