Song of the day: The Rousers – "Here She Comes"

June 24, 2013

An American band called The Rousers asked me to talk about their album, Playing The Rock And Roll For You.

I was all set to do that, but I was waylaid by two things – the band name, and one of their songs – that distracted me from my mission (of listening to their album).

First, the band name:

When I searched for “The Rousers” for links to appear at the end of this post (I like to provide as many links to bands as I can), the search engine I used asked if I meant “trousers” instead.

Unfortunately, I now want to call the band “The Trousers”.

And secondly, the song:

I must admit that I didn’t get past the first song, “Here She Comes”. It’s not because that first song is awful and I didn’t want to hear any more. I thought it was fine. And I have no idea if the other songs are horrible.

I didn’t get past “Here She Comes” because within the first 15 seconds of hearing it I heard two musical coincidences, and the fun I had in getting the coincidences ready for this post distracted me so much that I forgot about the other songs on the album. (Note to band: Sorry, guys.)

Anyway, I’ll present you with “Here She Comes” and its coincidences, and point you in the direction of the album so you can listen to it at your leisure.

Here we go:

The Rousers – “Here She Comes” (2013)

And the coincidences…

The Rousers – “Here She Comes” (2013) (excerpt 1)

The Jags – “Back Of My Hand” (album version) (1979) (excerpt)

The Rousers – “Here She Comes” (2013) (excerpt 2)

Da Finals* – “Good Die Young” (1985) (excerpt)

And the full versions:

The Jags – “Back Of My Hand” (album version) (1979)

The Jags – “Back Of My Hand” (single version) (1979)

Der Vine Ills* – “Good Die Young” (1985)

I’m sure the rest of Playing The Rock And Roll For You is fine and dandy. (Well, maybe not dandy – but it’s probably fine.)

Official website
CD Baby

(*I’m unable to use the band’s real name because Blogger tells me off in a major way whenever I post any of their songs – even snippets.)

Musical coincidences # 353

January 3, 2013

As I was persuing* the mountain of lists for best power pop albums of 2012, one album I kept seeing at or near the top was American chappy Cliff HillisDream Good. That got me interested, so I had a quick listen to the songs. The start of one of them was very reminiscent of a 1985 song by an Australian band that gets me into trouble whenever I mention them by name. (For this coincidence I’ll give the band and the song pseudonyms.)

Compare and contrast the beginning of each song:

Cliff Hillis – “Ways And Means” (2012) (excerpt)


De Finals – “Gee A Teen Day” (1985) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

Cliff Hillis – “Ways And Means” (2012)

De Finals – “Gee A Teen Day” (1985)


(*”Persuing”? Try “perusing”, Peter.)

Musical coincidences # 297

September 11, 2012

There I was, innocently listening to the Japanese remastered catalogue of Electric Light Orchestra‘s discography – from 1971’s Electric Light Orchestra to 1986’s Balance Of Power but not including the 2001 “comeback” album Zoom – and in parts of quite a few of the songs I heard bits of other songs. It was very annoying, because every time I heard yet another “influence”, I thought to myself: “Jeff Lynne can’t keep borrowing music from other people, can he? I mean, he’s got to stop sometime – doesn’t he?” But no. As I kept listening I’d hear another bit of music from somewhere else. Over time, I’ll try to present you with what I heard. (That’s if I remember all of the coincidences. If not, I may have to – gulp – listen to the whole thing all over again.)

Incidentally, I’d like to take this opportunity to say something: now that I’ve listened to the (almost) entire Electric Light Orchestra discography, I think everything after 1977’s Out Of The Blue is horrible – with a capital H.

To be fair to Mr. Lynne, this cross-pollination does work the other way too, with other people borrowing his ideas. For example, an Australian band that I get into trouble for mentioning by name (rhymes with Dip Finals) have a song that reminds me a lot of one of Jeff’s creations.

A band I’d rather not mention by name – “Heart Telegraph (1986) (excerpt)


And the Electric Light Orchestra from a few years earlier:

Electric Light Orchestra – “Here Is The News (1981)


Here are the full versions:

A band I shan’t name – “Heart Telegraph (1986)


Electric Light Orchestra – “Here Is The News (1981)


Song of the day: A band – "Heart Telegraph"

December 3, 2011

From one of my favourites bands of the 2000s (see yesterday’s post) to one of my favourite from the 1980s…

A band I’d prefer not to name for fear of hearing from a writ-happy record company – “Heart Telegraph (1985)

Song of the day: A band – "Siren (Never Let You Go)"

September 26, 2011

Here’s a band I won’t mention by name – mainly because I get into trouble whenever I mention the name – with a song played at breakneck speed.

If you don’t like this particular band, don’t worry – the song will be over in two-and-a-half minutes:

A band Blogger doesn’t like me mentioning – “Siren (Never Let You Go) (1983)



Song of the day: A band – "Hey Little Boy"

April 18, 2011

Over a year ago I tried to post today’s song, but when I did I was met with three messages from the Blogger Takedown people that were none-too-complimentary (as in: “Take down that post now or we’ll…”).

However, I’m feeling brave again (see most recent attempt at bravery), so here – for as long as possible – are the Divinyls with a rip-roaring rave-up:

Divinyls – “Hey Little Boy (1988)


If you have a pretty good knowledge of obscure American garage rock (even if you don’t it’s probably better than mine, as I know close to zilch about American garage rock), then you already know that the Divinyls pilfered the song from an earlier source.

Here’s the original:

Syndicate Of Sound – “Little Girl (1966)


Musical coincidences # 79

February 14, 2011

I sat myself down to have a listen to House Of Vibes Revisited, a 2007 album by American band The Grip Weeds that’s a reissue (remixed and with bonus tracks) of their 1994 album House Of Vibes. It’s highly recommended by the power pop cognescenti (“Classic!” “Epochal!” “Seminal!” etc), so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a listen to something that a lot of power pop fans think is wonderful.

I pressed “play”, and unfortunately for The Grip Weeds as soon as the first track started…

The Grip Weeds – “Out Of Today” (2007) (excerpt)


…I thought of something else. This, to be precise:

A band – “Boys In Town” (1983) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

The Grip Weeds – “Out Of Today” (2007)


A band – “Boys In Town” (1983)


But the rest of the album didn’t remind me of that other band.