Song of the day: Django Reinhardt – "Ton Doux Sourire"

July 6, 2010

Here’s the one and only Django Reinhardt:

Django Reinhardt – “Ton Doux Sourire” (“The Sunshine Of Your Smile”) (1935)


What an amazing guitarist. And to think that he used only two fingers on his left hand. Two! What an amazing guitarist.

I also love how the sizzling-frying-pan sound on the recording just adds to the track’s charm.

By the way, the last few Tuesdays ’round here have been reserved for hotshot instrumentalists, and I’ve pummelled you with all sorts of non-power-pop artistes. I think I’ve taken quite enough of your time with my indulgences, so if you have no objections I’ll quietly retire Tuesday as hotshot instrumentalist day and restore it to regular power pop mode. Thank you for your patience.