Song of the day: The Someloves – "Know You Now"

November 28, 2010

A few days ago I played you a song written by Dom Mariani, and today I’m going to play you another one written by him. Now, that may seem to you to be a bit unfair (as in: “Where’s the variety, Peter? Why are you playing lots of songs by the same person on the blog?”), but I’m going to rationalise it by saying that last week’s song was by DM3, and today’s song is by The Someloves. That’s different, isn’t it?

The Someloves – “Know You Now” (1988)


Dom Mariani on MySpace

Song of the day: Dom Mariani – "TV Sound"

March 1, 2010

Here’s Dom Mariani with the bright and breezy “TV Sound” (1996):


Mr Mariani is an incredibly productive Australian power popper, having participated in one musical project or another for decades (well, since the 80’s anyway). Given his frighteningly long list of activities, I could easily assume that he’s been in every single power pop band in Australia.

Although he hasn’t, I think I can confidently call him Australian power pop’s “Mr Busy”*.

Dom Mariano on MySpace

(*Unless he doesn’t like being called that, of course.)

Song of the day: DM3 – "Just Like Nancy"

August 13, 2009

Here’s DM3 with “Just Like Nancy” (1999):


DM3 is headed by Dom Mariani, a doyen of Australia’s rather small but enthusiastic power pop scene. You can read more about (and download a mighty fine mix tape of) Dom Mariani at The Un-Herd Music blog.

DM3 on MySpace
Dom Mariani on MySpace