Student-Teacher Songs

September 27, 2012

This is a collection of songs that emanated from something I mentioned in a post a while ago. At the time, I said that I was concerned at the amount of parentheses I use in my text (something I still do with alarming frequency).

My friend Michael emailed me to say that my concern reminded him of a song by American singer Dan Baird called “I Love You Period”.

(Sidenote: Dan Baird was the lead singer of the Georgia Satellites who had a huge hit with “Keep Your Hands To Yourself“, which just happened to be Michael’s suggestion for Educating Peter # 14 on this blog.)

Michael remembered the song had the word “parentheses” in it lyrics. (Now there’s a word you don’t see often in a song. Oops – there I go again. Sorry about that.)

Michael told me that “I Love You Period” is a song about a student who falls in love with his teacher, he writes her a letter, and she sends it back with corrections. (Tee hee.)

That got me thinking of other teacher-student/student-teacher songs. I thought of a couple, and Michael thought of a couple more. Then I thought of some more, and so did Michael. The next thing we knew, we had ourselves a list of student-teacher songs.

After looking at the list and sorting out what was suitable and what wasn’t (one of Michael’s suggestions was a dreadful song by a boy band, and one of my suggestions was way too serious in amongst the light-heartedness of the other songs), I settled on ten tunes to tickle your tummy earbuds.

And here they are:

Download (ZIP, 80 MB)

Details I couldn’t fit in the playlist:

1. Doris Day – “Teacher’s Pet (1958)

2. Lulu – “To Sir With Love (1967)

3. Elton John – “Teacher I Need You (1973)

4. ABBA – “When I Kissed The Teacher (1976)

5. Rockpile – “Teacher Teacher (1980)

6. The Police – “Don’t Stand So Close To Me (1980)

7. 38 Special – “Teacher, Teacher (1984)

8. Van Halen – “Hot For Teacher (1984)

9. Ruth McKenny – “She’s In Love With Her Teacher” (1987)
(I thought it was cute how the playlist shortened the song title to “She’s In Love With Her Tea”. It made me think of this.)

10. Dan Baird – “I Love You Period” (1991)

By the way, I’m happy to add to that list if you can think of any other songs that’d be suitable.

(Please note:Teach Your Children Well” is not suitable. In any way.)

Song of the day: Jason Falkner – "My Home Is Not A House"

April 25, 2012

Today’s song comes from an album I like eeeeeenormously, Jason Falkner‘s All Quiet On The Noise Floor. (If I ever got around to making a Top 10 Power Pop Albums of the 2000s list, this album would probably be on it.)

Jason Falkner – “My Home Is Not A House” (2009)
Link Incidentally, I had a bit of trouble deciding which song from the album I wanted to play you. (Of the 11 songs on the album, I’d say about nine would have been eminently suitable.) I ended up going with “My Home Is Not A House” mainly because of a line that Jason sings from 1:45 to 1:51 (“I’ve got a secret”). The way Jason sings that line reminds me of this: Doris Day – “Secret Love (1953) (excerpt) Link I didn’t think the connection between the songs was strong enough to be considered a Musical coincidence (for me it’s more an association), so I didn’t make it one. I just wanted to mention it. Besides, there are plenty* of proper coincidences to go around. Here’s the full version of the wonderful “Secret Love”: Doris Day – “Secret Love (1953) Link (*An exchange that occurred between the eldest daughter and me last year when I was adding a Musical coincidence to the blog: Celeste: “Do you think you’ll ever run out of coincidences?” Dad: “It’s pop music. No.”)