Musical coincidences # 20

September 4, 2009

How’s this for a complete coincidence?

I was over at Popdose reading about an act from the US, Dreaming In Stereo, who play a fusion of power pop and prog rock (they describe themselves as “prog pop”). I played one of the songs in the post, “The Will To Love” (2009). Here’s the start of it:


The melody that begins the song hit me immediately. It reminded me, almost note-for-note (especially when they sing “the will to love”) of the beginning of the chorus in Marcia Hines‘ 1976 hit, the utterly gorgeous “(Until) Your Love Broke Through”:


Sheer coincidence. It can’t be anything else – unless a member of Dreaming In Stereo is a fan of Marcia Hines. But that’s mighty unlikely.

Anyway, here’s the full version of Dreaming In Stereo’s “The Will To Love”:

Dreaming In Stereo – “The Will To Love” (2009)


And here’s the full version of Marcia Hines’s “(Until) Your Love Broke Through,” complete with its brain-melting chorus:

Marcia Hines – “(Until) Your Love Broke Through” (1976)


I just found out that there is the possibility that one of the musicians in Dreaming In Stereo has heard “(Until) Your Love Broke Through” at some stage. Courtesy of the Intertubes, I now know that “(Until) Your Love Broke Through” was written by American Christian musician Keith Green along with Randy Stonehill and Todd Fishkind, and it seems that piles of other American musicians have covered it, too. On YouTube alone, there are versions by:

Although they’re different in their own ways, the one thing that the above male artists have in common is that they all have trouble with the high notes – but I think that anyone not named Marcia Hines would have trouble with ’em.

Incidentally, all of the artists in that list are Christian. (It looks like the CCM market has the song sewn up.) I don’t know why non-Christian artists don’t cover this song, because there’s nothing overtly “you’re my favourite God” about the lyrics – they’re pretty much yer standard love song lyrics.

There are quite a few studio versions of the song, but I decided against overloading this post by putting them all here. I love this song, but I’m aware that you’d have your limits.

However, I will put just one more here. It’s the original by Keith Green (even though it was released after Marcia Hines’s version):

Keith Green – “Your Love Broke Through” (1977)


(*At one point in their version, the chaps invite the audience to sing along with them in the chorus, which I think was A Bad Idea, because I reckon no-one can sing it properly except for Marcia Hines.)