Song of the day: Th’ Dudes – "Bliss"

April 22, 2010

There I was, innocently listening to a greatest-hits album by New Zealand band Th’ Dudes (yes, “Th’ Dudes”), not paying much attention to it as I went about my daily business*, and then this came on…

Th’ Dudes – “Bliss” (1980)


… and I thought “What a horrendously catchy song. I hope it doesn’t stay in my brain too long. I like it, but boy, that’s annnoyingly catchy. Oh, no – now it’s stuck in my brain.”

One afternoon later, it’s still there.

It is my firm belief that this song was written for the express purpose of encouraging large groups of happy, inebriated people in discotheques to sing at the top of their lungs.

Quick, somebody play me a Beatles song so I can get this thing out of my head…


Ah, that’s better.

(*Which is listening for music to put on this blog, looking for pictures to put on this blog, thinking of words to put on this blog…)