Song of the day: The Electric Mess – "He Looks Like A Psycho"

June 5, 2012

It’s request time!

I received an email from a very nice young man called Derek who plays bass in a New York band called The Electric Mess. Although I’ve never met Derek face-to-face (it’s a bit difficult because he’s in New York and I’m not), I’d say he’s very nice because he plays bass. Anyone who plays bass is alright by me. (Full disclosure: I’m a bass player.)

Anyway, Derek told me about the band and its music, and asked very politely if I wouldn’t mind having a listen to the band’s latest album, Falling Off The Face Of The Earth. What a nice young man.

My standard response to a band asking me to listen to their music is “Yippee!”, and this time was no different. My brain automatically goes into “Hooray! New music for me to listen to!” mode, and I get terribly excited. (It’s like you’re a kiddy at Christmas, and you can’t wait to open that present, even though you don’t know what it’s going to be.)

I grabbed the album and duly pressed “play” (i.e., ripping the wrapping off that Christmas present)…

I’m afraid the music on the album didn’t do much for me. It’s predominantly garage/psych rock – but I’m just not a huge garage/psych rock fan. For what it is though (i.e., garage/psych rock), I’d say it’s very good. I can’t say that with any degree of certainty or authority, because it sounds to me like a lot of other music that sounds like this music. (I hope that sentence wasn’t too circular.)

Unfortunately, I’m not a connoisseur of this sort of thing so there’s a strong possiblity that I’m misleading you by calling it garage/psych rock. I could call it “60’s beat music with a psychedelic tinge” instead. Maybe that’s more accurate. (Probably not.)

How about I stop trying describing it and let your ears do the listening?

The Electric Mess – “He Looks Like A Psycho” (2012)

Incidentally, someone plays a little guitar lick in that song (at 0:19) that’s a little remiscent of something else…

The Electric Mess – “He Looks Like A Psycho” (2012) (excerpt)

The Beatles – “I Feel Fine (1964) (excerpt)

But back to The Electric Mess. Here’s another one song from Falling Off The Face Of The Earth:

The Electric Mess – “Elevator To The Later” (2012)

By the way, because of my lukewarm response to the music I think it’d more helpful for you if you sauntered on over to Sal Nunziato’s blog, Burning Wood. He recently posted about The Electric Mess and was much more enthusiastic about them. Hopefully that’ll act as a corrective to my less-than-useful post.

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