Song of the day: The Elements – "Radio"

July 8, 2013

Last October I enthused – nay, raved – about an Australian EP released in 2002 by a band I’d never heard of (until I heard about them last October). The band is The Elements, and their self-titled EP is the only thing they ever released. Thanks to social networking, the Internet, computers, and electricity, I found out about them on Facebook. (Thank you, social networking.)

It’s high time I enthused again. Although the band hasn’t existed for years, I also think it’s high time that The Elements’ two original members, Jenni and Marty, issued the EP on Bandcamp so that people can buy it. (I think it’s well worth buying.)

Here for your perusal is another sterling song by The Elements from their only EP:

The Elements – “Radio” (2002)

Song of the day: The Elements – "This Town"

October 16, 2012

Yesterday I played you a song by Australian band The Elements. I then threatened to play you another song by them that I thought was an absolute corker*.

And here it is.

The song is “This Town”, and for me it is the quintessence of power pop. If somebody ever asked me “Hey Peter, what is this power pop thing? Can you give me an example?”, I’d point them in the direction of this song:

The Elements – “This Town” (2002)

As far as I’m concerned, that is not only a superb example of Australian power pop, it’s a superb example of power pop, full stop. Or as Americans say, “period”.

(*”Corker” – an Australian word meaning “ripsnorter”.)

Song of the day: The Elements – "Ordinary Day"

October 15, 2012

There’s a bit of a story associated with today’s song, but I’ll try to make that as brief as possible.

First, the song:

The Elements – “Ordinary Day (2002)

“Ordinary Day” is by defunct Australian band The Elements, and it appears on the Popboomerang Records compilation Shake Yer Popboomerang.

Now for the story…

Two Facebook Friends, Will (Hi, Will!) and Scott (Hi, Scotty!) chatted about “Ordinary Day” a while ago. Will was talking to Scotty about it because Scotty runs Popboomerang Records, and Will wanted to know if The Elements had recorded anything other than “Ordinary Day”.

After I heard the song, I wanted to know the very same thing. Scotty suggested to Will that he contact the band’s singer, Jenni, who very helpfully happened to be on Facebook. I don’t know if Will contacted Jenni, but that’s precisely what I did.

I pestered Jenni and asked the question that had to be asked: did The Elements record more than one splendid pop song?

The aforementioned J informed me that the band recorded and released a self-titled EP in 2002. It’s where “Ordinary Day” came from for that Popboomerang album.

The fabulously fabulous Jenni let me hear the EP (thanks, Jenni!), and I was bowled over by it – so much so that I’m going to play you another song from it tomorrow. It’s a ripsnorter*.

(*”Ripsnorter” – an Australian word meaning “very very good”.)