Song of the day: Elliot Easton – "(Wearing Down) Like A Wheel"

December 2, 2012

The latest instalment of Educating Peter features a solo effort from The Cars‘ main guy, Ric Ocasek.

Mr. Ocasek wasn’t the only Cars chap to go solo and try his hand at something on his own. All the other members went a-soloing, but I want to play you a song by my favourite Cars dude, guitarist Elliot Easton.

Mr. Easton released only one solo album, Change No Change, in 1985. Having heard it again after a few decades I think it’s dreadful.

But there is one song on it that I like, and I want to play it to you because it shows my favourite member of The Cars as someone other than That Guitarist From The Cars.

Elliot Easton – “(Wearing Down) Like A Wheel” (1985)