Song of the day: Grand Atlantic – "Only Time"

March 9, 2011

The estimable Popboomerang Records has released Electric & Eclectic, an album of rarities from a whole heap of artists on the label who each contributed a spare track they had lying around. Although Popbooomerang prides itself as a record label that promotes power pop artists, it has in recent years broadened its scope to include music of the softer variety from musicians such as folkies, arty types, and a few “how do you categorise that?” artists.

You can hear Electric & Eclectic over at Bandcamp if you’re in the mood to listen to an album full of non-power-pop chaps and chapettes.

However, power pop band Grand Atlantic supplied a track for the compilation, and they certainly chose a weird one to add. The performance itself isn’t weird (it’s lovely, and full of dreamy vocals), but it’s the choice of song that would get a lot of people scratching their heads.

So, here are Grand Atlantic gettin’ all dreamy on ya:

Grand Atlantic – “Only Time (2011)


And, here’s the original – believe it or not:

Enya – “Only Time” (2000)


Yes: Enya. Grand Atlantic chose to cover an Enya song.

I, for one, am glad they did, because I probably would have never known about it otherwise. After being told by the rock music cognescenti for years that Enya’s music is useless, laughable, and not worth any ‘true’ rock fan’s time, it’s nice to finally hear a song by hers that isn’t the one constantly sniggered at (namely: “Orinoco Flow“). And now, thanks to Grand Atlantic’s choice of cover, I’ve heard Enya’s “Only Time” – and I can happily say that I like it.

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