Song of the day: Eurogliders – "Heaven (Must Be There)"

May 23, 2011

Today’s song has already appeared on this ‘ere blog, but back then it was tucked away at the end of a rambling post. Today I want to highlight it because I think it’s a superb piece of slick, slick pop:

Eurogliders – “Heaven (Must Be There) (1984)


Song of the day: The Sinceros – "Worlds Apart"

July 28, 2009

Here’s English band The Sinceros with the unbelievably catchy “Worlds Apart” (1979):


That was the band’s second single.

As a bonus, here’s their first. It’s the almost-as-catchy “Take Me To Your Leader” (1979):


Wikipedia tells me that The Sinceros released six (!) singles in total. I have no idea why, because I thought after “Worlds Apart” had failed to burn up the charts the band disappeared off the face of the Earth. But at least they released two albums: The Sound Of Sunbathing (1979); and Pet Rock (1981).

Incidentally, when The Sinceros split up, their bass player Ron François eventually moved to Australia and joined the Eurogliders. I’m mentioning this because Ron François is an excellent bass player. Here’s a bit of his handiwork in the Eurogliders’ “Heaven (Must Be There)” (1984):


I love Ron’s bass playing, and “Heaven (Must Be There)” is a mighty decent pop song.