Song of the day: The Evil Eye – "Love-Fi"

June 10, 2012

Here is a completely solicited song. (None of that “unsolicited” nonsense you get from other blogs.)

It comes from Norwegian chappy Tomas Dahl (Hi, Tomas!) who last graced the pages of this here blog with Caddy, his one-man band from a couple of years ago. Well, Tomas has moved on from Caddy and is now in a band called The Evil Eye. They look like this:

Inconsequential observations:
I’m not entirely sure if the first person in that photo is waving to the camera
or is in the process of slapping the second person on the rear end.
And I’m also not entirely sure if that second person is male or female.

The Evil Eye are apparently polishing up their debut* album, Relapser, at the moment, so it’s not ready for public consumption just yet. In the meantime, however, Tomas sent me a track from it to let me (and you) know what The Evil Eye sound like.

This is what they sound like:

The Evil Eye – “Love-Fi” (2012)

I like that.

And here’s a reminder of Tomas’s previous work (although Tomas might say “Don’t listen to that! It’s old. I did that two years ago. I’ve moved on from then. I’m now in a band called The Evil Eye. Listen to that instead!”):

Caddy – Electric Hero (2010)

(*I had originally mistakingly typed “debt”. But I suppose, given the perilous state of the music industry, a lot of bands could quite accurately say they’ve made a “debt album”.)