Song of the day: The Executives – "My Aim Is To Please You"

May 3, 2011

After yesterday’s blast of energy, I thought I might take things down a notch or two*:

The Executives – “My Aim Is To Please You” (1967)


Mmm. Smooth.

(*Or three.)

Song of the day: The Executives – "Bad Reputation"

February 25, 2011

OK folks, after the triumvirate (or is that triptych?) of international tracks we’re back to the Antipodean ditties.

Today it’s a groovy sing-along by The Executives (I think that’s a great name for a band – why aren’t there lots of bands called The Executives?).

It’s time to get yer la-la’s out*:

The Executives – “Bad Reputation” (1967)


It’s just occurred to me that yesterday’s song was a “la-la” song, too. (“I La La La Love You” by American rocker Pat Travers). Hmm. I’ve decided what song I can play you tomorrow, and you can rest assured that it doesn’t involve any la-la’s at all.

(*With apologies to Rolling Stones fans everywhere.)