Song of the day: The Exponents – "I’ll Say Goodbye (Even Though I’m Blue)"

June 1, 2012

My friend OneSize (also occasionally known as “FitzAll”) sent me a song in the electronic mail the other day with the heading: “In case you haven’t any of their stuff”.

Well, I can categorically state that I’d never heard of New Zealand band The Exponents before. I’m glad OneSize sent me that song, because I like it.

And here it is:

The Exponents – “I’ll Say Goodbye (Even Though I’m Blue)” (1983)


Although I do like the song, I must admit that I wouldn’t have minded the band singing the phrase “even though I’m blue” a little less often than they do throughout the song.

And I wouldn’t have minded the album being called something other than Sex & Agriculture.

Nevertheless, thanks OneSize for introducing me to a song that was: a) new to me; and b) something from the 1980s that I liked*.

(*I do like more than one song from the 80’s. It’s the decade itself that gives me the heebies jeebies.)