Musical coincidences # 89

March 6, 2011

Today’s coincidence occurs as a result of one of my regular visits to Stonefish’s Music Blog (Hi, Stoner!). A recent post on his blog featured Fall Out Boy‘s “I Don’t Care“, something I’d never heard before. I pressed “play”, and as soon as the guitar part kicked in…

Fall Out Boy – “I Don’t Care (2008) (excerpt)


…I was reminded very much of…

Norman Greenbaum – “Spirit On The Sky (1969) (excerpt)


It doesn’t help Fall Out Boy’s claim for originality that their guitar tone is almost as dirty (i.e., fuzzed out) as Norman Greenbaum’s. But maybe FOB aren’t claiming originality. Maybe when questioned about the musical similarity, the FOBsters in their defence can spout the old maxim “There’s nothing new under the sun”, but that would seem a little odd to me as the band, looking mopey in their Emo-lite poses (wearing guyliner is a bit of a giveaway, too), doesn’t appear to be the kind of band that would ever go out in the sun – so how would they know if there was nothing new under it?

Anyway, aside from my ponderings, here are the full versions:

Fall Out Boy – “I Don’t Care (2008)


Norman Greenbaum – “Spirit On The Sky (1969)